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Originally Posted by Nureo View Post
Can you help me?
There are many variables to consider:
  • Has a compatible compiler been ported to OpenBSD? The answer is likely yes, but this is not guaranteed. You may have to port an entire toolchain in order to have all the prerequisites to building your intended application.
  • Have all supporting libraries been ported to OpenBSD? The only way to determine the answer is by digging into the code. You may need to port necessary libraries before getting to the browser itself.
  • Has the code been written in an agnostic manner, or will Linux-centric code have to be re-written? Again, the only way to find out is by studying the code.
  • Details on packaging will require study of the following:
Applications targeting Linux will use its filesystem layout which is different than OpenBSD. For more information, see the hier(7) manpage. Code may need to rewritten to use OpenBSD's topology over another system's.

Given that you have previously stated that you have little to no experience with either compilation or programming, I will guess this project is far above your current skill set, but I may be wrong. Depending upon your motivation, you could learn through lots of hard work.

Porting complicated applications can be very time-consuming & a practice we don't formally provide support for on this site.. GIven your newness to the skill set needed to use the tools, you are asking for someone to do the work ahead of you in order to lead you to a working solution. In general, the volunteers here do not have the time to provide this level of support.

You do have options available.Good luck.

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