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Swen Tnavelerri
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I've posted over my quota today. I always do that on a new forum for a couple days, then disappear. Not to worry...

Anyway, I think I select my OSes based on the simplicity factor. The more simple it is ... the more likely I'll use it. Take FreeBSD, for instance. You can set it up with exactly two small tarballs (base.txz and kernel.txz). Haiku and Minix are simple because they're small, and RiscOS (Open) is simple because of its Acorn/ARM heritage.

I like the little RTOS systems also. Some of them are just dandy, for specific dedicated tasks. But, each to his own. If I were the average joe, I'd run windoze, and if I were interested in the latest open source super apps, I'd run Linux. It's nice that there's still a lot of choices to be had in terms of OS selection. Run em all - have a party!
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