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i downloaded the freebsd 7.0 and went through the sysinstall. Once i installed the freebsd on my system i was not able to get a gui desktop like kde 3.5 up and running. I'm completely baffled at this point and dont know what i did wrong. I been racking my brains out on this for quite some time. I've been working with linux for over 2 and a half years so i'm quite familiar with how kde is suppose to work along with the x11 / xorg. I tried going in a terminal and typing startx (like i normally would do if it was a linux problem) but the startx solution didnt seem to help either. i tried reading the handbook and got completely lost with it. Can somebody please give me a very very simplified detail instruction of what i'm suppose to do during the setup installation process in order to get the freebsd desktop kde to show up. I'm a complete newbie at any bsd system. Thanks for all your help
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