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Thanks for the welcomes. I'm glad to find a forum about OpenBSD.

A little update, I can dual boot OpenBSD encrypted but I had to use rEFInd; that's fine, I was not in love with the Apple boot loader anyway.

I can't tell if it's in BIOS mode because the nvidia card is used, not the Intel HD 4000. Which is again backwards from what was my understanding. I confirmed this nvidia by looking at the Xorg log when I ran startx.

Right now the nv(4) driver does not support my Nvidia GeForce 650M so instead I get the vesa driver. I noticed that using vesa is very slow for Gnome. In the old days I alternated between either wmii or awesome, this time I chose awesome and it works fine compared to gnome (which was way too slow).

At this late stage, I can't remember why I wanted gnome or even OpenBSD but it was fun so far. Maybe I will figure out how to get the Intel HD 4000 to work at some time.
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