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You are welcome, wlm2, but I am concerned by what I have seen in the pf.conf you have posted. It appears that you have copied and pasted a pf.conf file from some "how-to" you found on the Internet.

Just one example: set block-policy drop is made meaningless by block return. I am guessing that you did not realize this because you copied and pasted from someone else's configuration file, and then hoped things would work for you. Let us quote from Peter Hansteen's The Book of PF:
Just to hammer this in, please repeat after me:

The Pledge of the Network Admin

"This is my network.
It is mine
or technically my employer’s,
it is my responsibility
and I care for it with all my heart
there are many other networks a lot like mine,
but none are just like it.

I solemnly swear
that I will not mindlessly paste from HOWTOs."
If you are unable to understand and explain a configuration change you are making, then you are doing something wrong.
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