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Yes i understood what you meant.

i just never seen it done that way till you pointed it out.
For now i have a working driver with GLX loaded,
and quite pleased.

Yes i had tried both methods The first in which you pointed out to me then the xorgconfig.

Your way i did not quite underdtand what
to do after that command.

As for now mine lies in the /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Thanks it always nice to learn things a differnt way

Originally Posted by vermaden View Post
If you do not have a xorg.conf (or have pretty messed up by xorgconfig), then you have to create/generate it, Xorg -configure is a great tool for that, but I never said that it will solve any problems.

Its just a lot simpler to debug x11 with small simple xorg.conf, then with bloated by xorgconfig one.
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