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Hello, and welcome!
  • OpenBSD requires block devices for mounting. Do not use the "r" it defines a raw/character device.
  • You would normally mount the "i" partition. The "c" partition is reserved for the entire, physical device.
However, your disklabel does not appear correct as posted, because the "i" partition begins at sector 0. The only way to have a disklabel such as the one you've posted, is if you used disklabel(8) and created it yourself.

Normally, sector 0 should instead contain an MBR. Operating systems that manage FAT filesystems, including Windows, expect an MBR on FAT formatted devices other than diskettes.

After manually creating the disklabel, did you format the device with newfs_msdos(8)? If so, you can still mount it, but you may have problems when you move the USB device to other systems, as the device does not apparently have an MBR. # mount -t msdos /dev/sd1i /mnt/pen or # mount -t msdos /dev/sd1c /mnt/pen should work if /mnt/pen exists.


Your problem is not the same as the original problem posted in this thread, and our forum admins may move this discussion into its own thread to avoid any confusion.

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