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Originally Posted by DrJ View Post
I'm pretty sure the original vi allows this as well, at least for splitting the screen horizontally. These days, with multiple windows and monitors with enormous real estate, it does not matter to me as much. Back in the day of 25-line terminals, this was a god-send.
Thanks for this DrJ, a lack of knowing this has caused me to use mg(1) numerous times (and I only half-remember a tenth of the emacs commands I would use in vi).

I couldn't find serious mention of this feature in the manual page for 'vi' on my system, aside from an odd ^W to change screens that is. Under ex commands, it lists

Originally Posted by OpenBSD man vi
[Nn][ext][!] [file ...]
Edit the next file from the argument list.
Although it behaves this way in ex mode for both n/N, in visual mode :Next causes it to split screen instead of performing the same thing as :next.

Thanks again!
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