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IMO I seriously doubt the validity of the first link you posted, all I see there is some idiot whining about his motherboard not working, without any background info whatsoever, he doesn't even seem to be trying to get it working.
He's probably just the kind of guy that boots Ubuntu, sees something doesn't work, blames the hardware, and goes off making useless posts on the internet.

If you read further in the thread, you see that there are also people who run Ubuntu on the P5Q mainboard just fine.

Also see this thread:

In short, the P5Q should work just fine.

There is no binary ATI driver because ATI did not provide one for FreeBSD. nVidia did. That's why there is only one binary blob, and why it does not run on the 64 bit FreeBSD flavor. Don't hold your breath on getting a 64 bit nVidia driver any time soon.
Just for the record:
The reason there is no nVidia 64 bit driver is because some kernel features are either missing or incomplete, the nVidia people feel that implementing these features is not their job (Rightly so) and are waiting for the FreeBSD people to implement these features.

For more information see:
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