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Originally Posted by DrJ View Post
There are two drivers for nVidia video cards that run on FreeBSD. One is the open source "nv" driver. Since it is open source, it can run pretty much anywhere, including 64 bit. The other is provided by nVidia, called (oddly enough) "nvidia" inside of Xorg. It is a driver that is comparable to the one provided for Windows, Linux and Solaris, and it works very well (at least for me). It works only on 32 bit systems. nVidia has requested support for various kernel features from FreeBSD to allow it to make a comparable driver for 64 bit systems. That has not happened (yet), and it probably will not happen any time soon.

So on 32 bits, you can use either "nv" or "nvidia." On 64 bits, you can only use "nv" if you want an nVidia card.

I'm not trying to endorse nVidia, BTW. It is just what I have used and what I know.

I agree with that. It is amazing how many corners are cut on most preassembled computers, and it is rather hard to figure out what those are without a lot of research.

You have to find out what Ethernet chip the motherboard uses, and then check its compatibility on the FreeBSD site. There are also threads on this board that talk about this, so you might be able to find it here. The problem often is that the manufacturers make it hard to find out this information, since they assume you will be running Windows. Sometimes it helps to download the manual, and look for the hardware specifications.

That's right. You can find out this sort of thing on the web, though. For fan control, is an excellent site. Yes, this is a lot of work.
You again have helped me a lot: if, in return, you need advise on training dogs, just give me a call, no matter what time

Ok, for the video I will stick with Nvidia then, since I have had good experiences with it in the past.

The Asus P5Q-mainboard has been advised by Carpetsmoker as a solid choice too, and only for me to find out is the ethernet chip compatibility, as you wrote. That's homework for tomorrow (it's 19.08/7.08 PM here now, and her majesty my wife has just made a formal announcement that dinner will be served to the dogs if I don't report below in 10 minutes ).

In the meantime I've googled a lot on SATA-II (sata300, as advised in this thread), but I think that would be overkill for my intentions, so I will just stick with the Seagate 7200.11 disk(s).

Pfoei, it seems I'm finally approaching the end of this (horrible) search for a new PC. That's really, really, a relief. I understand quite a lot of FBSD (for a noob, keep that in mind, please ), also because of the excellent FBSD-book I have, but when it comes to hardware specs and do's and don'ts my brain suffers horribly.

So I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for so generously helping me out: thank you (!)

In return, I will soon gladly answer any FBSD-questions you have: please note january 1, 2035 as the date to contact me with any questions you might have on FBSD ()

Thank you
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