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Originally Posted by DrJ View Post
I was referring to the manufacturer-made PCs, like from Dell or HP. The inexpensive ones often are not particularly impressive.
You and I were thinking exactly the same :-) I have owned HP, Compaq and Dell, and all of them, relatively low-priced, appeared to contain stripped down OEM-versions of A-brands or no-name components, and posed numerous problems. Then again, I am typing this message on an 8 years old custom made 'no-name' Pentium that to date has performed without any problems whatsoever. So I prefer the custom built PCs from the 'non-big companies'. Problem is, nowadays it's difficult to find these companies. They all translated into rather 'vague' web shops with post orders and PO-boxes, and I like to know a store, e.g. not somebody 'hiding' behind a post box. Old fashioned, I guess

Originally Posted by DrJ View Post
To the OP -- if all of this has you confused and frustrated, by all means let CS make one for you. There is more to putting together a computer than buying good parts and assembling it. You also have to test it, and parts do fail. Most are OK, but finding subtle problems can be difficult. Let a custom builder do it for you.

There is also the issue of cable routing. I'm fanatical about it, but many people simply stuff them in. That has consequences for case air flow, cooling and reliability. A well-chosen case helps, but it takes a while to get the hang of it.

I looked briefly at the computers CS's company offers, and they seem at first glance to be quite reasonable. None of the standard builds include discrete video cards, but that is trivial to change. You would also get one that he would guarantee (right?) would work for FreeBSD.
Well, actually, DrJ, I might do that, I really might. After all, if CS will guarantee me everything will just work, why not? In the process I'll sponsor a local shop instead of the multi-billion 'couldn't care less about quality and customer service () companies', and I'd be getting free lifetime support for FBSD ( only kidding). No, seriously, I might just do that.
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