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We (now) have these disks in our ZFS storage server, and things are starting to go downhill. They were just too good of a bargain to pass up (~$100 CDN for 1.5 TB drives, over $200 CDN for the RE 1.5 TB drives). Now we realise that you get what you pay for.

In under 6 weeks of usage, some of the drives are showing almost 40,000 Load Cycles. At that rate, we'll be past the 300,000 mark within a year, possibly 18 months.

Things were running fine until this week. Out of 8 drives in one raidz2 vdev, we've successfully replaced 5. The resilver process took ~60 hours to complete for each drive.

Last Friday, I replaced the 6th drive, and it still hasn't finished the resilver. It's averaging 1-3 GB per hour. Throughput on the entire pool has dropped to 9 MBps ... even after a reboot. It's just nuts! Any zfs/zpool operations except list/status takes multiple minutes to complete. Even unmounting a snapshot takes upwards of 10 minutes.

Our lovely backup process that used to process ~110 servers in under 11 hours barely complete a third of that now. I'm about ready to start re-replacing these drives with the original 500 GB WD Caviar Blue and Caviar Black drives.

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