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Originally Posted by JMJ_coder View Post
I'm wondering what are the reasonings behind which revision control software is used.
CVS is common because it is the oldest & most prevalent of the (Open Source) revision control systems. However, CVS is not perfect, & Subversion was developed to fix many of the ills of CVS, plus be more user-friendly & extensible.

Development of OpenCVS is motivated by having a BSD-licensed equivalent, & has been in development for many years. I don't know all of the reasons why it is still in the percolation stage, but I recall discussion on OpenBSD's misc@ mailing list that they were wanting to ensure robustness & the ability to be drop in replacement for the GNU version -- which means that they are having to duplicate the myriad of bugs that the GNU version has as well.

If you are looking for a definitive answer, I'm not sure you will find one, however, the first place to look is study the archives of misc@. is a tremedous tool for searching not only the various OpenBSD mailing lists, but other *BSD's as well.
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