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Originally Posted by BSDfan666 View Post
As always, there will always be different opinions on such matters.. FreeBSD is in a strange boat, they appear to maintain several repositories.. perforce, cvs and svn.. and possibly git.
The official VCS for FreeBSD is now Subversion. That's where the official source tree lives.

They also provide CVS access, mainly to support csup. This will remain until such time as they find a csup-like method ffor retrieving the source/ports/docs trees from Subversion.

Perforce is for private development by committers, as a testing ground for things that aren't yet ready for public testing/use. Once things are proven in perforce, they are moved over to Subversion and/or released as a public patchset for testing. I believe the plan is to move away from Perforce and into private branches in Subversion, but I can't find anything official on this.

There are a couple of different project underway to provide git access, but there's nothing officially supported by The FreeBSD Project for this. This is just a bunch of developers who prefer git and want to have access to the source tree via git.

There's also a bunch of people trying to do the same via Mercurial.

There's a couple of threads in the freebsd-current mailing list from around November-ish 2008 that details all the reasons for the changes from CVS to Subversion.

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