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Well, I am in no way compulsive about updating. Usually I do it only to fix certain bugs, and that is only once every few months. Sometimes, but rarely, it is to get new features. But the way the FreeBSD ports are set up, you have to do it on a regular basis, or reinstall. I really hate to reinstall.

On my server, though, it is about the only way. I also use it as a light-duty input station, and it has the pre-modular version of X11 (6.9??), and a bunch of other really stale ports. There practically is no way to update it. So for now, it sits without updating.

Gnome on my main box is a slightly different matter, since I often serve as a test site for the newer versions. I usually find ten or more bugs that are fixed quickly.

In spite of the accolades of many, I think the way ports work is a pain. And it is a real problem. My W2K box is still supported. Just try to get support for FBSD 4.8 or earlier ports.
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