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Originally Posted by Jmdbh View Post
It was "cheap" (80 EUR) compared to other SSDs. But if you go for a CF card with 8GB built from SLC flash cells (not MLC like on cheap CFs) and an CF-to-IDE converter you end up spending nearly the same. And it supports UDMA33 thus lowering CPU usage (with an 550 MHz PIII this is an issue) compared to CF cards using PIO modes.
Thanks for the information. I'm still playing catch-up on CF technology - what is SLC and MLC and why is one better than the other? Also, how do I tell which one a particular card employs?

Originally Posted by Jmdbh View Post
the writable part mounted with the 'noatime' option set. Also, I really like syslog with support for circular log files.
What do these two do ('noatime' and circular log files)?
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