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Yes, several do not work. To be exact:
  • "BSD news" -- this has been offline (and now in "upgrade" status) for a long time.
  • "BSD Portal" -- gone.
  • "" - has not been updated in a long time. (FreeBSD 5.3 BETA released??)
  • "BSD Forums" -- vandalized by spammers / unmaintained.
  • "SD Vault Forum" -- gone. Redirects to pr0n links.
  • "BSD User Groups" -- gone.
  • "BSDWiki" -- gone.
  • "FreeBSD Advocacy - 3 Reasons Why FreeBSD Is Better Than Your OS" -- redirects to some guy's (non-tech) blog.
  • "A comprehensive guide to FreeBSD" - very old. (3.0.X-CURRENT?)
  • "" -- http 404.
  • "The Clueless Computer User's Help Site" -- religious / non-BSD focused site.
  • "BSD Vault How-To's " -- gone / leads to pr0n links.
  • ...

Ok, that's all the further I made it down the page of links. I'm at work and I don't want to hit another one of these that leads to pr0n links.

Just some notes to hopefully help get these cleaned up. Otherwise, looks like a good resource.
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