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Originally Posted by There0 View Post
Remember that / also includes /home and /etc if you do not seperate them, I tried partitioning /etc and it errored like mad, I did not follow up on a solution i just kept it under /.
It's always good to create a /home directory, make a new partition (or slice) and mount it there.
You should never separate /etc because 1) it's not worth it at all, and 2) the system won't boot anymore since the loader needs to read fstab to mount partitions (including /etc), but fstab is on /etc.

Originally Posted by There0 View Post
so users/apps/files can't fill up your / partition and bomb your install or worse)
There's something called quotas...

Originally Posted by There0 View Post
I am curious of you have tried just ONE big partition and a swap file? it may help get booted up and haxxing out the "errors" or otherwise.
... and is a bad idea. When you have separate partitions you can enhance security and tune and optimize many things like disk usage and mount options. Repairs are also much easier when you know the source of your problems is located in, let's say, the root partition.

Originally Posted by There0 View Post
Your / parition is WAY too small (since it includes your /etc) for an install that is hoping for X windows (KDE is pretty big with all dependencies)
Little space is required for the root partition. Mine is 256MB (248 effective) with 162 used, most of it by the boot directory.
/etc is rarely more than a few MBs.
Almost everything related to X and *DE goes in /usr/local which is a directory in the /usr partition (402GB on his system).
May the source be with you!
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