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Originally Posted by drhowarddrfine View Post
Each tab runs in its own process. Extra processes, such as media players, scripts, etc., are "jailed" so they have no access that would allow malware, virus, to infect the OS. If a tab crashes, only that tab goes down while the rest of the browser/tabs are unaffected.
I like the idea, albeit not sure how well Google implements it. Protecting the system from malware is obvious purpose, the other thing I could think of, since the tab runs as stand-alone process and doesnt interfere with other tabs, the risk of XSS attack will be minimised?

Javascript uses the latest available and is 3 bazillion times faster than all others.
I just give Chrome a go. Frankly, it makes no difference in rendering speed to me. I tried a couples of sites and I couldnt tell if Opera is slower than Chrome (not because I prefer Opera)

According to a lot of Windows rum-drinkers, every browser other than IE crashes on an hourly basis.
I dont use Windows but I find it very unrealistic. Very rare I experience crash with Opera and FX when I need to use them under Windows at school or in my test machine. Never heard anybody says his/her browser crash every hour, either
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