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Default Trunking your wireless adapter with a pf example

The title for this thread is a bit hopeful. I have a gateway machine that has a wired interface to an ISP, a wireless interface to a different ISP, and a wired interface to my LAN.
                         -ral0 --- {wireless ISP}
{LAN} --- em0-{machine}-|
                         -re0  --- {wired ISP}
Following Trunking your wireless adapter, except using trunk(4) loadbalance rather than failover seems fairly straightforward. However, I am a pf lightweight. I've been using the example in Building a Router as a basic configuration without the wireless card activated. What would an /etc/pf.conf look like in a setup that has the two external interfaces trunk0'ed? (This machine is also running dhcpd and unbound if that matters).
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