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Ahh, never mind, well actually still would be interesting to see what other ideas come up, but I got looking here:
vendor Hewlett-Packard version "J01 v02.25" date 12/09/2013
bios0: Hewlett-Packard HP Compaq 8200 Elite SFF PC
All though I wanted to avoid using e-bay, when I did a search, the results showed one available, the price was low enough, I decided to take the chance, it has no OS installed, I just hope the seller does not send me a "boat anchor", it says it does boot to bios, but who knows, ? I guess that is a risk one takes buying something they can't see first hand,...any way, the seller had a good reputation, since 2000, so that is encouraging,..It is supposed to arrive around June 17 , 5 or 6 days...
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