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Originally Posted by BSDfan666 View Post
OpenBSD has initial support for Bluetooth.. but it's not enabled by default...
If mfaridi really wants to follow through with configuration, perform the following steps:
  • Find the appropriate driver:

    $ man -k bluetooth

    Since your dongle appears to be a USB device, most likely ubt(4) is the driver you want.
  • Carefully study all of Section 5.3 of the FAQ before starting:

    There, you will find how to install OpenBSD's source code to /usr/src.
  • Note that the manpage for ubt(4) specifies the following line at the beginning:
         ubt* at uhub?
    This indicates what needs to be enabled in /usr/src/sys/arch/i386/conf/GENERIC. For OpenBSD 4.4-release, ubt(4) is commented out which can be verified by looking at the OPENBSD_4_4_BASE tagged version of GENERIC found in CVS:
  • Uncomment the driver.
  • Recompile the kernel according to Section 5.3. Be very sure you understand the process before starting. You can recover from mistakes made as long as the new kernel has not yet been installed, but watch & heed any messages seen as a result of all commands issued.
Don't think that you can blindly issue these commands without understanding them. This is Unix, not Windows. Unix allows you to whatever you want, but you get to live with the consequences of your (in)decisions. Recompiling the kernel is not meant for casual users, & you should be very clear on the points made in Section 5.6 of the FAQ before attempting to recompile the kernel:

Be forewarned that nearly 2GB of space in will be consumed in /usr/src to complete the task.

Lastly, you should be beginning to see that lots can be done with any of the *BSD's & Unix, but it requires that one is willing to study & learn. You have had a history of issuing commands without understanding what they do, & you appear to have been very fortunate that nothing catastrophic has happened yet (as far as we know...), but as you venture into more sophisticated areas, you will be taking on greater responsibility to understand what it is that you are doing. So the decision is yours as to whether you simply use the system or take the opportunity to get more out of the equipment you already have.
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