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I don't know if mfaridi will have much success with 4.4. The drivers may be available on an experimental basis, and some FreeBSD and NetBSD based tools may be available, but ... the applications and services he would want to use with bluetooth are not in place there.

Bluetooth development work is underway, right now:

Those of us who track CVS repository changes have noticed a significant amount of bluetooth changes to -current in the last week or two, starting around November 21.

Those who read the Following -current FAQ will have seen a recent mention of changes to support a new btd(8) daemon. The btd daemon is not yet in the -current tree, though by now the changes to support the daemon in /etc/passwd, /etc/group, /etc/rc and /etc/rc.conf have all been completed.

Drivers have been enabled in GENERIC.

Man pages for some of the bluetooth drivers refer to userland tools that do not yet exist. They will.

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