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Default Can you mount logical ntfs partitions?

Hi all

I am now the proud owner of the box with FreeBSD 8, KDE4, Nvidia-driver, updated system and ports, and even got my sound working after tweaking with sysctl.

I am gradually trying to do a little bit more, on my todo list are:
- Getting printing to work ()
- Install flash (youtube)
- Install openoffice3 (no package available, so I'll wait until I have a week of spare time for my PC to build it from source ).

However, currently I am trying to get my NTFS-drives to automatically mount at boot time.

I found this thread:

And was planning to go according to these instructions. I went into sysinstall/configure/fdisk to explore the layout of the windows HDD (dedicated). It seems sysinstall doesn't recognize the logical partitions within the extended partition (windows terminology) although they are there (at least 4 of them).

Am I correct that I can not mount the logical partitions from XP under FreeBSD Because I am googling and goofling and goobling () but I can not seem to find an answer.

If it isn't possible that would be a giant pain in the a**, since then I would have to move a couple of hundred gigabytes off these partitions to external disks in order to be able to repartition the disk

Thank you for any help again,

Your soon to be FreeBSD-guru
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