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Default nameservers

Hello all,

I stumbled upon this tutorial (sorry not trying to spam) . I was reading it and really explains how to things step by step, but still I have a problem with configuring nameservers so I came here to ask for help.
I'm trying to figure out the way to make nameservers for domain name "" on vps I rented for testing. In order to update nameservers of this domain I should create ones on this vps machine rite.. like ns1 and ns2 or whatever.. the thing is that I add these inside /etc/named.conf inside file it points to /var/zone/named/ I also add httpd.conf inside <Virtualhost> .. and yet I don't manage to change domains nameservers .. I've bought this domain at (sorry if this is spam) and it doesn't allow me to update nameservers because they don't quite exist .. I've been reading a lot to get an idea how DNS works and I'm pretty much there just I'm missing something. Can you guys help me, which file/s should I edit .. or if I'm doing something wrong to start with can someone put me in the right direction? I've been googling but this tutorial is the best I could find for this type of setup ..
Thank you in advance
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