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Default Its been a while.

Happy New Year to all.

Its been a while since I have needed any help. That's because all is running smooth.

My default 5.2 installation is working great. I am getting bored of the default fvwm and want to upgrade to the latest iteration so I can utilize some of the existing themes out there.

Trivial I know, but looking to live on the edge this year. Before doing so, I decided to read FAQ 7 (7.1 - 7.9) and FAQ 11 (11.1-11.5) but am still unable to find the file I will need to alter in order to point to FVWM2-2.6.5.

Don't spoon feed me the answer as I want to learn in the process. In the past I have installed other WM's and have created an .xinitrc file or altered my .profile.

I hope its not this obvious as I will feel like a total ass (I know I am setting myself up here).

As always thanks,

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