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Originally Posted by roddierod View Post
1) I think you would do just fine sticking to 7. By bleeding-edge, with respect to linux, I believe you are referring to application not necessarily the system itself. FreeBSD Current is the system development which is necessarily tied to the applications. There are except such as when a application depends on something that is only in the Current system.

FreeBSD application are in the ports tree and there is only one offical ports tree.

Now, if I'm wrong and you like running a system where new things are being added to or removed from the kernal and system and one day it may work and then you build the next day and it may not then yeah you want Current.
Actually, I think that answers my question. I don't worry to much about kernel updates (aside from security). As long as everything works...I'm happy. Apps was more of what I was talking about. If I can, I like having newer versions of apps, especially if they fix bugs. I don't care much about new features as much as bug fixes and making them run better.

Though, on the other hand, I have to admit, sometimes it's fun when things break. I actually enjoy trying to figure something out. But, for a computer I plan on using a lot, stability is #1. If I can throw in having a few new things, too, then cool. But, having a stable OS is the most important to me (I'm trying hard not to start ranting about how Ubuntu got--I won't touch them with a 10' poll anymore).

How often do they update programs in the ports tree?
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