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Originally Posted by Carpetsmoker View Post
Why use PostgreSQL for this? Or any database at all?
Using a normal "flat file" is almost always faster, and doesn't require any database software (Which needs to be maintained, can have bugs, takes up recources etc.)
Well, you know, that sounds like such a black and white response. It may come from real experience of yours, but it's perceived tone doesn't recommend it to me.

In most cases I believe there is a tipping point between flat files and client/server database systems when you reach a certain size. This email server will be used by a significantly large number of people and the users will be updated often enough to have things like locking become a consideration.

I also find it conceptually easier to do those additions/update/removals from various other automated and interactive interfaces by using the database approach, as opposed to building in code to parse the flat file in each place I want to interact with the email user list.

Regardles, PostgreSQL is already running dspam on the server and will likely find other uses.
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