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Originally Posted by tamtam View Post
Someone has already suggested that I dont install X during the installation. What about ports.
SInce I don't recall reading an answer to this being given, I'll put forth the one logic I see.

Everything on the FreeBSD CD-ROMs are dated from when the release was made, so you download 7.0-Release, you get packages from when they made the CD. You can still use binary packages to install stuff like xorg, but it would be more convienant time wise: to just install FreeBSD, update FreeBSD, then install xorg, et cetera. The same thing holds true for the ports tree, the ports tree on CD#1 dates to when the release was made, but you will want a (heck of a lot) newer snap shot before installing software via ports.

For just this same reason, since the csup utility became apart of the base system; I no longer use any third party packages on the FreeBSD release disk -- it's a waste of time.
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