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Originally Posted by Oko View Post
I am sure it would run the fastest. That is expected behavior but I am in shock how bloated FreeBSD is becoming. Heavily crypted OpenBSD to run faster than vanilla FreeBSD That is just plain ridiculus.
Comparing perfomances on virtual machine is dumb.

changing sysctl kern.hz from 1000 to 100 can help a lot.

Originally Posted by FreeBSD 8.0 CURRENT
Date: Mon Oct 27 06:25:02 2008
New Revision: 184323

Default HZ value (1,000) on i386/amd64 is not very virtual machine friendly.
Due to the nature of the beast it causes lot of unproductive overhead. This
is especially bad when running SMP kernel on VMWare with several virtual
processors - idle FreeBSD guest with SMP kernel takes 150% host CPU time on my
dual-core MacBook Pro when I am enabling two virtual CPUs, making even host
not very usable. Detect when we are running in the sandbox and reduce HZ
to 10 (can be adjusted via VM_HZ in the kernel config) in such cases. This
brings host CPU usage of idle FreeBSD/SMP on two virtual processors down
to 10%.

Detect most popular VM platforms out there - VMWare, Parallels, VirtualBox
and VirtualPC.

MFC after: 2 weeks

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