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Question Best way to manage multiple freebsd servers?

I currently have 6 freebsd servers doing different tasks, but i'm tired of managing them.. Some are x86 and others are sparc64..

I recently began renewing my serverpark and thought it had to be a better way to manage them!

So my plan is now to set up 1 sparc64 server with freebsd to act as gateway/firewall and use this server as the main server to administer all the others if it is possible. To begin with, I'll just have 2 more sparc64 servers (That's a total of 3 servers) in the network serving different needs.

I'm starting from scratch so what is the best way to manage these 3 servers (and easily add more x86/sparc64 servers) in terms of ports tree/sources/patches etc. ? How should I begin? Begin with the gateway setting it up as a nfs server? or ? (Couldn't find anything on google)

Is it possible to manage all config files in /etc and /usr/local/etc in all 3 servers from the main server? (the gateway)

Can I monitor load and uptime and manage users on different servers across the network from the gateway, and still have a secure network?

I'm guessing it should be possible to make the gateway a nfs server and serve /usr/ports and sources, but how do I manage the different kernels ? The network will consist of both sparc64 and x86..

Sorry for my bad english and thanks in advance for answers
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