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Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
It's also possible you misunderstand what the PKG_PATH environment variable should actually contain.

If you're still confused, post the output from:
$ echo $PKG_PATH
Exactly. I am trying to avoid having to "export PKG_PATH" every time the system is rebooted.

after i used the echo PKG_PATH this is what i got

# $OpenBSD: dot.profile,v 1.5 2005/03/30 21:18:33 millert Exp $
# sh/ksh initialization

export PATH
: ${HOME='/root'}
export HOME
umask 022

if [ -x /usr/bin/tset ]; then
eval `/usr/bin/tset -sQ \?$TERM`
export PKG_PATH=

it just added the line after fi which is the bottom of the file as ocicat has said but it still does not find the package.

ps: i am wondering if i am editing the wrong file. i am editing the .profile file found in root directory (i.e. "/" not "/root")
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