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On a similar note, paren-highlighting is also a coder-friendly feature, especially when you've nested several levels of parens and brackets. It's one of the things I really enjoy about the language major modes in emacs. When your cursor is on a paren or you type in a paren, if it has a partner the cursor flashes on it briefly, or you get a status message indicating an unmatched paren. It saves a lot of counting =)
perl -e "eval pack(q{H*}, join q{},qw{7072696e74207061636b28717b482a7d2c717b34393 23036333631366532303666366536633739323036313733373 33735366436353230373936663735323036353738373036353 63337343635363432303734363836393733323037343666323 03632363532303631323036633639373437343663363532303 66436663732363532303635366537343635373237343631363 93665363936653637326530617d293b})"
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