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Running Mac OS X on it should be fine, paying attention to hardware support it's possible to get a non-mac based laptop, shrink or remove windows and install a bsd or linux distro of choice.

If you get one that is well supported it's not that bad to setup (for me, I only had to buy a PCMCIA card), I'd suggest PC-BSD, DesktopBSD, Ubuntu, or PCLinuxOS if you don't want to screw with setup.

If you buy a mac and run OSX, at least it should work out of the box and provide a unix like environment underneath ;-)

I generally find tools for coding on Windows... sorely lacking compared to FreeBSD (but I have odd tastes).

For most people unless there is a preference, the choice of OSX or VISA are mostly unimportant imho as long a sthe machine meets the users needs.
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