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Default Advice on setting up blogging on a FBSD server

I will soon be setting up a new FBSD server at home, for my personal web page. This is a low-traffic website that is mostly just for me to play around with; the main thing it hosts is my own blog which attracts a pretty small crowd - maybe a few dozen hits a day. I'm not specifically looking to increase my web traffic at this point, either.

However, I am looking for something that might be a little easier to manage. Currently its all flat files, which of course become a PITA after a while. My current system is just running Apache22, with no real connection to a database.

I would like to set up the new webserver to be a PHP/MySQL configuration, and I am looking through the ports collection for a blogging program. Since I'm setting up a new system, I figure setting up it up properly from the beginning should be a priority.

Of course, I know I could just as well do all my blogging through a commercial (or free) effort on some other web server. With my very low total traffic volume that wouldn't be a bad option, but I'd like to try running it from home anyways.

Any recommendations? I checked and found a few potential candidates - "bblog", "blogsum", "cblog", "nanoblogger", "nibbleblog", and others. Any particular insights from our experts on which ones work better?

My first priority in making a choice would likely be ease of use. Second would be security, third would be how it renders as a web site by default (appearance). Flexibility probably wouldn't be of enormous importance, since 99.999% of my blog will be text or simple images.
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