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Originally Posted by Carpetsmoker View Post
Stuff like "cblog" or "nanoblogger" work by taking some source file, and outputting a static HTML file.

This is different from for example WordPress which fetches the content from the database and generates it dynamically.
That is good to know. I was just starting to look into what the differences were - although since a couple people have already suggested WordPress - and I'd like it to be db-driven anyways - I'm leaning in that direction.

My advice would be KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid.
Oh I assure you, I can insert plenty of Stupid regardless of how simple it may appear
Just write your stuff in HTML, or some easier tag format (markdown, txt2tags, etc.)
That is what I've been doing so far. The result is now my blog is four pages of plain text. Eventually the flat files just become a royal PITA to try to maintain; I think I've reached that point. For that matter, pages that I call my "blog" look very little like anything else (I know blog software won't solve this for me on its own), and even between different "blogs" I have varied appearance and whatnot.

So basically what I'm aiming for with the blog software is easier maintenance - I should mention also I'd like it to be something that my wife could use as well if she'd want - as well as a more consistent (and easier to change across-the-site) appearance.

While I'm sure I could probably do something clever with Perl or PHP to improve on some of this, I'm about to start building a new home server anyways and I think that adopting a more common piece of software for it would be advantageous.
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