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Default DragonflyBSD 3.0.2 DE

I am grateful for your response; your input helps to make me a better DF user.

I was looking for an alternative to resource hungry GNOME, and KDE (WOW! What a hog.).

Xfce has been around for awhile, is easy to use, feature packed, and it's development is continuing; however, it is not lightweight.
I tried installing Xfce4 from pkgsrc-2012Q2 source but the build kept bombing out in DF 3.0.2. My hunch is that there is a package conflict.

LXDE is easy to use and modest with resources but not well supported in pkgsrc (it's in WIP).

It appears DF 3.0.2 now comes equipped with FVWM and Fluxbox, among many other packages. Fluxbox is fine. I am familiar with it, it is frugal and fast.
Fluxbox exists in the lower realms of DEs: in fact, it is not a DE. It is a DIY DE.
When you use Fluxbox, you become a DE integrator; ergo Xfce and LXDE.

If you get a chance to install Xfce4 from pkgsrc, let me know your results.
I'm learning as I go.
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