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Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
The best practice for those who use snapshot packages is, in my humble opinion:
  1. Log console output, using script(1) or a similar facility
  2. Use "# pkg_add -iu" to update those packages which will update cleanly.
  3. Review the console output, and manually build packages from ports which are out of sync and fail to update.
  4. Use "# pkg_add -ir <list of packages>" for those packages which failed to update due to a dependent package which was out of sync but will update cleanly once the dependent package is updated.
  5. Run ports/infrastructure/build/out-of-date, and build any out-of-date packages for any ports which do not have packages built for them, either due to FLAVOR or licensing. I ignore packages marked out-of-date if they updated cleanly from the most recent snapshot package updates.
Updated the 3 ports
- unarj
- unrar
- freeze (even though freeze did not change versions it still needed
to be updated)

this was very easy...

root@reflux/usr/ports/archivers/freeze#make update

===>  Faking installation for freeze-2.5
install -c -s -o root -g bin -m 555 freeze /usr/ports/archivers/freeze/w-freeze-2.5/fake-i386/usr/local/bin/freeze
ln -f /usr/ports/archivers/freeze/w-freeze-2.5/fake-i386/usr/local/bin/freeze /usr/ports/archivers/freeze/w-freeze-2.5/fake-i386/usr/local/bin/melt
ln -f /usr/ports/archivers/freeze/w-freeze-2.5/fake-i386/usr/local/bin/freeze /usr/ports/archivers/freeze/w-freeze-2.5/fake-i386/usr/local/bin/unfreeze
ln -f /usr/ports/archivers/freeze/w-freeze-2.5/fake-i386/usr/local/bin/freeze /usr/ports/archivers/freeze/w-freeze-2.5/fake-i386/usr/local/bin/fcat
install -c -s -o root -g bin -m 555 statist /usr/ports/archivers/freeze/w-freeze-2.5/fake-i386/usr/local/bin/statist
install -c -o root -g bin -m 444 ./freeze.1 /usr/ports/archivers/freeze/w-freeze-2.5/fake-i386/usr/local/man/man1/freeze.1
ln -f /usr/ports/archivers/freeze/w-freeze-2.5/fake-i386/usr/local/man/man1/freeze.1 /usr/ports/archivers/freeze/w-freeze-2.5/fake-i386/usr/local/man/man1/melt.1
ln -f /usr/ports/archivers/freeze/w-freeze-2.5/fake-i386/usr/local/man/man1/freeze.1 /usr/ports/archivers/freeze/w-freeze-2.5/fake-i386/usr/local/man/man1/unfreeze.1
ln -f /usr/ports/archivers/freeze/w-freeze-2.5/fake-i386/usr/local/man/man1/freeze.1 /usr/ports/archivers/freeze/w-freeze-2.5/fake-i386/usr/local/man/man1/fcat.1
install -c -o root -g bin -m 444 ./statist.1 /usr/ports/archivers/freeze/w-freeze-2.5/fake-i386/usr/local/man/man1/statist.1
===>  Building package for freeze-2.5
Create /usr/ports/packages/i386/all/freeze-2.5.tgz
===> Updating for freeze-2.5
Upgrading from freeze-2.5
freeze-2.5 (extracting): complete                                                                
freeze-2.5 (deleting): complete                                                                  
freeze-2.5 (installing): complete
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