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is it conceivable to use a laptop as a 'light' web server (lighttpd - thttpd - cherokee - nostromo) ?
I am running my website off of a toshiba laptop. The laptop also serves as my mail server. It uses Pound as a reverse proxy, Apache (base) as the web server, and OpenSMTPD (base) for the mail server.

is it true that laptops are not meant for long uptimes ?
The uptime on my web and mail laptop is presently 394 days and I have no intention of rebooting it.

Since the laptop only has one internal drive, I have a USB hard drive for a backup partition to store dump files, and a second USB hard drive partitioned the same as the internal drive. Then I restore the dump files to the USB drive and do an installboot, followed by editing the fstab on the USB drive. That protects me from a drive failure. I also make backups of the dump files to dvd as additional precaution.
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