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I don't know their provenance.
Say you are constructing a presentation in Libreoffice and wish to insert a png graphic. After selecting the graphic, Libreoffice allows you to open the graphic in an external editor. Both inkscape and gimp pop-up as choices to edit the png. This is handled by mimetypes. It is kinda like a mailcap in mutt.

They appear to all have the same date/time, so may have been created by pkg_add(1)
I think this is done by an update-mime-database command in the PLIST. The consistent time/date stamps likely represent the last time the update-mime-database command was run.

Is there a command to safely clean up this folder?
I do not know this for a fact but the update-mime-database(1) would be worth testing.

Note to forum admins: OpenBSD's manpage does not link - I substituted FreeBSD's.

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