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Originally Posted by bsdnewbie999 View Post
what is the different between mplayer-1.0rc2p2-sdl.tgz and mplayer-1.0rc2p2.tgz packages?
Within Section 15.2.3 of the FAQ,
  1. you will find a link entitled Packages for OpenBSD 4.3. Click it.
  2. On the Packages - Architecture Selection for OpenBSD page which is then displayed, select i386, assuming this is the architecture you are using.
  3. Search for mplayer, where you will find short descriptions for each package which is already available at mirror sites.
  4. Note that each package name is also a link. Clicking on either:...will yield the same information where you will find at the bottom of either page information stating that the sdl package requires devel/sdl.
  5. Returning to the previous page, searching for "sdl" will yield sdl-1.2.13p0.tgz which on its description page points out that it is a cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide fast access to both audio & graphics devices.
Which one should i install ?
If you are running mplayer on X, running the version with SDL may be a good choice. If you have trouble, run the other version.

There is also a third-party (not affiliated with the OpenBSD project...) site which covers this same information:

The same information is available there, but can take fewer clicks to find it.
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