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Default BSDForums nostalgia

Originally Posted by scottro View Post
No, I even have things about the RedHat kernel up there--that's like RedHat 6, NOT RHEL6. Most of it I leave, but I really have to go through at some point and mark what's very deprecated. Anyway, to get this back on topic, I do have a couple of Windows 7 VMs around, and one WinXP (as something at work needs something that won't work on Windows 7), but the few times I had to deal with it, I didn't like Windows 8 and 8.x. I've had to do a few things for relatives or friends, and found that I had to google for simple things. For instance, it seems as if you have to have a Microsoft Account to be a user, but that's not the case.
Hey - I have the old Red Hat 6 paperback manual to go with that!

Are you the same Scottro from the old colorado dry-cleaning biz BSD site? That's been sooooo many years ago. I wish there were an archive someplace of that forum's contents.
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