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Ah, Ironforge, you missed the most important step.

You -must- start from the latest snapshot. Not from -release. You are attempting to build a system that is now about 4 months beyond 4.6-release, and there are numerous architectural changes between -release and -current.

The 'Following -current' FAQ lists all of those architectural changes. Once you are actually at -current, you can use that FAQ to keep up with architectural changes, though for some of the more complicated ones, you will find that upgrading to a snapshot with the changes already in them would be significantly simpler.

So, as FAQ 5 told you, and as the Following -current FAQ tells you ... start with the most recent binary. That would be a -snapshot-, not -release.

In the case of "don't know how to make newvers" -- you'll find the architectural change -- to the config program -- listed in the Following -current FAQ, it was a change effective October 19.
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