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On install I was prompted to either choose jre (choice 1) or jdk (choice0) as a dependency for thinkingrock..
The jdk port uses subpackages. The port contains both a jdk package and a jre package.

(See FAQ 15.3.8 for a discussion of subpackages and flavors.)

Examining the +CONTENTS file for the thinkingrock package, I see:
@depend devel/jdk/1.6,-main:jdk->=1.6.0|jre->=1.6.0:jdk-
This is why you were offered the option to choose. Either the main package or the jre package are acceptable.

If you wish to switch which dependency is used, you will need to delete both jdk and thinkingrock, then reinstall thinkingrock, this time selecting jre.

You must do this because the dependency chain is recorded in the package database (located in /var/db/pkg) in +REQUIRED_BY and +REQUIRING records.
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