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I agree, if (quick and easy is important) PC-BSD or DesktopBSD would be the best place to start. I enjoy PC-BSD because I can save time on downloading several things I need (kde, qt, various langs).

I've never sued DesktopBSD, PC-BSDs 1.0RC1 was based on FreeBSD 6.0-Release while DesktopBSDs release was based on 5.x, and I already had CDs for FreeBSD 6.0-Release which shows my reasoning :-). But I'm sure modern DesktopBSD is a great system.

FreeBSD is fully capable as a desktop, but unlike Windows or Mac OSX it is a desktop of your own creation.

When I set up a FreeBSD Desktop (with X), I install FreeBSD plus X.Org plus source code (where possible). Get the system prepped and configured so I can get it on the network (I don't use more pkgs from CD2+ then I have to).

I've always got a list of software prepared before installation of what needs to be set up. Window Maker, MPlayer, Vim, and so on -- so all I need to do is spend time installing the necessary items, then configuring them once the system is up. Not trying to figure out what the heck I'm doing.

In my opinion planning ahead beats making like a blonde without a clue ;-)
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