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Default howto provide webserver access from internet

Hi Folks
I have been reading PF material from OpenBSD docs, and the "Book of PF second edition"
I am currently writing pf for "machines on my internal network", they currently do not provide any internet services. (connected to the internet via ip provider using DHCP). I am progressing in writing effective pf for each machine and getting good feedback with systat & pfctl commands. I am using a switch to connect my networks various machines connected to an "off the shelf router" to my ip provider.
I want to replace the router with a small openbsd box with extra nic cards to connect to my non-dmz network, a new dmz webserver, and of course the ip provider.
can i provide dmz webservices to the internet using my ip providers dhcp connection
if so, is this accomplished by registerning a "domain name" with a service like dyn dns?
- or -
do i need a static ip from my ip provider?
-or -
can pf do this with some kind of nat ext_if?
slightly confused.

thanks in advance

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