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Originally Posted by thirdm View Post
I've started playing with acme from plan9ports
Yes I see that OpenBSD set port for Plan 9. It's the essence of the Research UNIX group of Bell Labs [the last Unix from them was Tenth Edition, simply called V10]. Francisco Ballesteros who wrote a great book about programming environment in Plan 9 said "One word of caution, if you know UNIX, Plan 9 is not UNIX, you should forget what you assume about UNIX while using this system."

Rob Pike the master project leader of Plan 9; done great software.

Originally Posted by thirdm View Post
I'm half considering hacking at cwm to make windows that abut the screen edges have a border of zero width. Can you think of any better way to deal with this? The ignore configure file setting will give a window class zero border width, but it also leaves it out of window selection commands, which is not wanted here.
I don't know If I understand you correctly but, if you want to make window edges easier to identify, You can type in .cwmrc; these or other set of colours, and borderwith [in cwm default border is 1 pixel wide]:
borderwidth 3
color activeborder blue
color inactiveborder darkblueidentify

I simply use cwm with default set of configure file, in witch I put entries to application menu, and some abbreviations to keyboard. I also use feh program, by whom I set some wallpaper [in .xsession file; feh --bg-scale [image destination] ].

Originally Posted by daemonfowl View Post
what customizations to cwm to get a fully mouse-free wm ?
I see now, that I've made here little misunderstanding when I use authoritative sentence: " mouse free X." - for witch I apologize.

By using these set of words, I mean that I don't need permanent mouse involve in decision process on my screen, -but Yes help from the touchpad on laptop from time to time is necessary -even then these not affect the fact that cwm can be controlled in many ways by keyboard shortcuts.

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