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I think with virtualization technologies these days any institution of higher learning that can't provide a 'server' to teach web hosting shouldn't be teaching webhosting. To me that's like a med school that can't get ahold of cadavers for their Gross Anatomy course, but has access to plastic parts that resemble the human body.

And desktop technology has changed over the years since your example- there isn't a single desktop OS available right now that doesn't have it's own webhosting capabilities. I bet if you wanted you could host on an Android phone. It's been very doable on the Zaurus for awhile now.

The only free hosting I've seen so far that is worth more than it costs (and really, that's how I look at free hosting) is a promo that my own employer is putting on right now. But before you get your hopes up, it's just a promotional deal for silverlight developers and their silverlight sites only- after a couple of months, they have to pay for it.

And remember... you get what you pay for. If you pay for nothing, expect nothing.
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