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Default Usenet,and newsreaders supported be OpenBsd

I am wondering if anyone here uses "USENET". My experiences with it ,37 years ago were good, but when I started using WWW,html,and my first website, I drifted away fromthe USENET.
Recently ,decided to try it,and find it has changed considerably. Besides that ,my experiences were limited to DOS,and older UNIX servers,so I am still comfortable with
"TIN",to some extent,and I tried a GUI package, called 'pan' , a package is available for OpenBsd,. But anyway I
am wondering if any one has additional suggestions, for news readers,and also perhaps hosting services,I looked at a few, but not very impressed, one that I tried,it turned out they do not even support OpenBsd,(that was not surprising) but also they do not support using tin, scratch that one,any one suggest others ?
If any one even uses USENET at all any more,... thanks
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