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Default PF ALTQ on 3 NIC's

I have machine with 3 cards: rl0(internet), rl1(Lan1), rl2(Lan2). rl0 is NATed

The question is:

How to write altq queues so that the sum of download bandwidth from internet(rl0) will be dynamically shaped among computers in these two networks?

For example: let's assume that my internet connection is 1 Mbps of download. In this case I have no idea what should I set on rl1 and rl2 in bandwith. I've tried this one:

altq on ($int1_if $int2_if) bandwidth 1024Kb ....
int1_if = rl1
int2_if = rl2
There is no error but it doesnt work in max download . Network gets down.

I need to shape incomming (download) traffic dynamically between rl1 and rl2. If no one is downloading form internet behind rl1 then computers behind rl2 will have max of download (1 mbit) and vice versa. I don't want to divide bandwidth on static pieces.
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